Group 2 – Dereliction Sandy Row


Dereliction – Sandy Row

The idea of this piece is to investigate and represent the Sandy Row area, focussing primarily on the derelict building that was once Gilpin’s factory. The factory itself worked on a number of things, including furniture and piano repairs. Our aim was to take a listener chronologically through the life of Gilpin’s factory.

We started with industrial sounds such as drills, grinders, hammers and nails. The piece progresses to become more sparse and eerie which represents the present condition of Gilpin’s factory and state of Sandy Row itself. In collaboration with architecture students who are working to rejuvenate the building, we decided to give a prediction of the future. The architecture students aim to renovate the building and bring it back to the community in the form of a bar or café. The local community feel this will improve Sandy Row as a whole and re-connect with the rest of Belfast.

Robbie O’Neill

Leo Hunter

Brendan Scullion

Spike Aylward

Robert Graham

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