Group 3 Donegall Pass

Donegall Pass ­ A Sound Exploration

For this piece we intended to sonically explore the Donegall Pass area of Belfast. After speaking with some of the inhabitants we garnered that they believed the area to be sonically inert. With our composition we attempted to convey how sonically rich the environment is by capturing sounds using contact microphones and using digital signal processing to create ambient and abstract textures. We have represented the cultural diversity of the community by incorporating opinions of community leaders within the piece and presenting objects associated with the main groups living in the area. The piece starts with heavily processed field recordings. The second section of the piece has more of a narrative associated with it as we hear opinions from community leaders along with processed contact microphone recordings. The last sections is meant to represent the two groups coming together to live in harmony with each other.

Connaire Bradley Joel Harkin Oisín Hughes Jonny O’Neill Jack Owens

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 16.39.04.png


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