Group 4: A Conversation With Donegal Pass

A Conversation With Donegal Pass is an electroacoustic compositional piece based on the Donegal Pass and how it has changed over time. Through working with community representatives and the local residents to collect information on the past and present, and in conjunction with QUB Architecture students to plan for the future, our piece is split into four sections highlighting the linear timeline of the past, present, development and future of Donegal Pass.

Using social media to further tell the story of Donegal Pass we created photographic albums for each section of the piece which could then be viewed by scanning the sections respective QR code. A soundcloud account was also set up so that the piece could be listened to anywhere and linked through a QR code.

The imgur albums and Soundcloud are presented below without QR links. However if you would like to download the original pamphlet with the QR codes it is available here: Download


The Past

The Present

The Development

The Future


Field recordings, interviews and final composition by Andrew Shanks, Adam Sloan, Colm McKenna, Maeve O’Reilly and Ronan White.


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