Group Six – The Sound at the End of the Tunnel

The Sound at the End of the Tunnel is the combination of five Electroacoustic pieces and including a live sound element created by Ciarán Judge O’Brien, Eamonn Cassidy, Josh Eimer, Jason Jackson, and Maeve Mulholland


The pieces address the area in Belfast known as The Markets, in particular looking at the redevelopment plans suggested by both The Markets Development Association, along with Young Influencers, who focus upon the eight disused tunnels known as the Lanyon Tunnels. These tunnels were once the site of a thriving marketplace, being used to house cattle before they were sent to the nearby slaughterhouse. The various markets, which were situated near these tunnels, sold a large variety of goods and wares but have long since disappeared, leaving only St. George’s Market remaining today. 

The installation we created consisted of four images, with headphones below them playing a piece that represented the picture, These pictures and their respective piece are below.


BW tunnels

train listen to

fenced in

 Also Included in the installation was a fifth piece being played through a highly directional speaker and being mixed in with a live feed coming from a microphone and with reverb and delay processing applied. This was aimed at the metal stairs of the building that we were presenting in and represented the current empty state of the tunnels. Below is an extract from this piece;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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