P1000612We are extremely pleased to partner with Street Society for a site specific project exploring ideas of space and place in composition. BSc Music Technology and Sonic Arts Students contributing to the one-week environmental design and creative event which invites innovative and imaginative approaches to activate specific sites in Belfast. This year’s event ran during Week 6 of Semester 2 (week commencing 7th March 2016) and will be located within the wider Urban Villages Network. The areas selected for this particular intervention are Sandy Row, Donegal Pass and the Markets.

Composition students worked in groups to devise ways in which sites can be sonically activated by capturing and projecting their sonic environments and acoustic characteristics. These materials formed the basis of a composition project which aims to be presented as a series of sound installations in chosen spaces, using the very fabric of the sites, found objects and other devices. Students explored strategies and technologies such as transducers attached to objects/structures to sonify their internal vibration, contact microphone recording, field recording, in-situ binaural recording and playback, amongst others.

The installations aim to invite audiences to discover hidden, unexpected and surprising aspects of the sound world of these specific spaces. The work was presented for the public on Friday 11th March.

Find out more about each project by visiting the group pages.

Module Convenor: Professor Pedro Rebelo
Teaching Assistant: Pablo Sanz

Sonic Arts Research Centre, School of CreaQueen’s University Belfast